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How Does The Send Button Work?

You can use the send feature on the app to initiate a send to bank directly to the recipient’s bank account, card, or mobile wallet (this is dependent on the region or country the recipient is in), a user-to-user transaction; you can send funds to another Afriexer’s wallet with this feature.

You Send, They Receive

This is basically explaining to you how much you intend to send and what your recipient will get in their base currency. (the base currency depends on the currency you chose to send the value to. ;)


The displayed rate provides you with the current conversion rate at this specific moment in time. It is crucial to bear in mind that these rates are subject to constant fluctuations. Therefore, we kindly request that you verify this rate's accuracy prior to commencing any transaction. Your diligence in confirming the current rate is greatly appreciated.

What Is The Receiving Currency?

The receiving currency corresponds to the currency of the destination country where you intend to transfer the funds.

Send To Bank

This implies the process of transferring the specified value directly to your designated recipient's bank account, card, or mobile wallet, contingent upon the specific receiving country's requirements and available channels for fund disbursement.

Send To Contact

This functionality empowers you by granting you the capability to effortlessly transfer funds to the wallet of another Afriex user that you have previously saved within your contact list. This convenient wallet feature streamlines the process of financial transactions between users, enhancing the efficiency and ease of money transfers within the Afriex platform.

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