Initiating Transactions

Pending Transactions

Pending transactions refer to the status of your transfer when our system is actively working to initiate and process the transaction for its intended recipient. During this phase, your transaction is in progress, and our dedicated team is diligently ensuring that the funds are sent securely and efficiently.

Processing Transactions

Processing transactions simply means we hit a blocker while trying to process your transaction due to an issue with the receiving bank, card, or mobile wallet. The majority of the transactions in this transaction could go through, or they could be refunded back to your wallet. It is important to change the account details before initiating the transaction again if it is refunded, and also confirm the reason why the payment failed.

Successful Transactions

Yep! The transaction was successful! Please contact your recipient to confirm that you received the value. In most cases, you can find the tracking number for that transaction on the Afriex app. You can send this to your recipient if the value is not received within 24 hours.

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